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Plaid Top Poll in Trecenydd

John Sciven

Plaids John Scriven topped the poll in the Trecenydd by election on Penyrheol, Trecenydd and Energlyn Community Council in Caerffili  attracting almost half the vote. Labour were beaten into third place by UKIP. John in the red in the photo brought along some specially prepared cakes to celebrate
Result : John Scriven (Plaid) 435, UKIP 256, Labour 189


Plaid group slams farce over council budget consultation

Colin mann
The opposition Plaid Cymru group on Caerphilly council has accused the ruling Labour group of a lack of transparency over proposals for next year’s budget.
Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: "The council has held two workshops, where several pages of proposals in small print have been handed out in the meetings for comment.


Llŷn residents vote for new Plaid Cymru Councillor in Gwynedd


Sian Hughes

Sian Hughes from Morfa Nefyn has been elected as the new Plaid Cymru Councillor at Gwynedd Council.
Sian said: “It was a positive campaign and I'm very grateful to the local team that has been actively supporting me over the past few weeks, including the former councillor for the ward, Liz Saville Roberts, now a busy MP.
“I'm really excited to start work and join the Plaid Cymru team leading Gwynedd Council. I look forward to representing the residents of my area, working with them to bring prosperity to the area."
With 72% of the vote, Sian Hughes was elected to the seat with 315 of the votes, therefore defeating the other candidate, Llais Gwynedd representative


Plaid Councillor Blasts Vale LDP Decision

Chris Franks

DINAS Powys councillor Chris Franks has criticised the The Vale of Glamorgans cabinet`s decision to approve the Local Development Plan (LDP).

Plaid Cymru councillor Chris Franks said the Labour-led cabinet had ignored public opinion in rubber stamping the proposals to build more than 10,000 houses in the Vale.

"Plaid exposed the weakness in the projected housing need by quoting the Welsh Government's own figures. We have proved that the Vale needs nearer half the number proposed. So they have been forced to desperately include additional considerations to seek to justify the numbers. .............

See full story



New Plaid Councillor in Croesyceiliog


Ellie Silcox

Ellie Silcox is the a new Plaid Community Councillor on Croesyceiliog Community Council in Cwmbran, Torfaen where she was recently returned unopposed.

"I love being involved in politics because I wish to make a difference, I interact with a lot of different people in my job, and there are so many people that I want to try and help out, and I can see this being done as a member of Plaid Cymru."


Three Llais Gwynedd Councillors join Gwynedd`s Plaid Group

 Dyfed eDwards   Coun Dyfed Edwards

Three Llais Gwynedd Councillors were unanimously welcomed to join Plaid Cymru’s Gwynedd group today, 14 May 2015.  At a group meeting prior to Gwynedd Council’s full meeting at Caernarfon, Councillors Seimon Glyn, Gweno Glyn and Gruffydd Williams from the Dwyfor area were welcomed to the group.

Plaid Cymru’s Gwynedd Leader, Dyfed Edwards said: “At our group meeting prior to Gwynedd’s full Council meeting, all Plaid Cymru Councillors present unanimously welcomed all three councillors to the group.


Plaid Led Coalition in Carmarthenshire

On Wednesday (13 th May),  the Plaid Cymru group and the Independents group on Carmarthenshire Council voted to form a coalition to run the council under the leadership of Plaid Cymru. In a statement, a spokesperson for  the Plaid Group said:

"Plaid Cymru councillors are delighted to be able to serve the people of Carmarthenshire.

with Plaid councillors, despite offers of negotiations. The huge divide in the Labour group clearly indicated that they were without direction.

Plaid Cymru has been very unhappy with the way Carmarthenshire council has been run over many years and sees this as an opportunity to change the culture and reputation of the council.

 Members of the Plaid Cymru group met at 4.30pm today to discuss the options available to us and decided that it was in the best interests of the people of Carms to do a deal and provide strong leadership of the council.

Plaid Cymru’s councillors are offering a complete culture change to County Hall – strong leadership that focuses on doing what is best for the people of Carmarthenshire."


By Election Victories

There were two community council by elections in Caerffili over the UK General Election period.  On election day itself  Simon Morgan  held its Watford seat on Caerffili Town Council with a strong majority, while on 2 April, Carl Coombes gained a seat  from Labour on Penyrheol Trecenydd and Energlyn Community Council, again with a strong vote against UKIP and Labour.


 Simon Morgan

Simon Morgan    Plaid     466          PLAID HOLD

                           Labour   257

                           UKIP     228

Carl Coombes

Carl Coombes     Plaid    340               PLAID GAIN

                            Lab      237

                            UKIP    168 


Say what you are doing to improve school performance, Plaid Cymru demand

Phil Bevan

Plaid Cymru councillors are calling on ruling Labour leaders to spell out how it plans to help improve standards at schools in the Caerphilly county borough.

The newly published Welsh Government colour coding system revealed that 11 of the area’s 14 secondary schools were in need of improvement. Of the area’s primaries 12 were rated green, 45 yellow, 16 amber and 2 red.

At a Plaid Cymru group meeting concern was expressed that the controlling Labour group had yet to issue a statement on how they planned to assist those schools found to be needing help and guidance so standards can be improved.


Council tax rise under fire from Plaid councillors

Plaid Cymru councillors have condemned a 3.9% rise in council tax pushed through last night by the ruling Labour group.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru, said: "While we recognise that some people do not pay council tax, for those who do council tax is one of the biggest financial commitments that they have to face.

"In fact a survey published last week stated that across Britain, council tax has even overtaken credit cards as the main reason why people are falling into debt.

"Any rise is too much but the proposals of the Labour administration represent a 70% increase over the 2.35% rise they forecast last year. This represents yet more broken promises to the households and the electorate of Caerphilly county borough.



Plaid Councillor Gagged on Fracking

Ian Johnson

A bid to make the Vale of Glamorgan a “frack-free” area has failed. A motion calling for the Vale of Glamorgan council to be declared a “frack-free” local authority was tabled at a meeting of the council by the Plaid Cymru group.  

On the advice of legal officers, the council’s mayor, Coun Howard Hamilton ruled that the motion could not be debated. 

Coun Johnson, who has campaigned against fracking in the Vale for the past five years, said: “The fight against fracking has dominated Vale politics in this decade, and affects thousands of people. 

“Before the meeting I had been warned that there might be an issue with pre-determination of planning issues if this motion was agreed, so I showed that Plaid Cymru-led Ceredigion Council had already passed a similar motion. 

“At no point was the wording of the motion raised with me as a concern prior to the announcement by the mayor. Naturally I am very disappointed to have been gagged on such an important issue.”



Gwynedd councillor shortlisted for UK awards

A Gwynedd councillor has been nominated as a Young Councillor of the Year in a UK-wide awards ceremony.

Councillor Mair Rowlands who was elected as a county councillor for Bangor’s Menai ward in 2012 at the age of 23 has been nominated for the 2015 Councillor Achievement Awards by her fellow councillor, Elin Walker Jones.

She said: “It was a huge surprise when I was told that I’d been nominated for this award and indeed been selected on the shortlist for young councillors from across the UK.



Fears over top-down, less accountable planning system


Plaid Cymru has expressed grave concerns that the proposed Planning (Wales) Bill will take decisions further away from communities and will erode the democratic accountability of decision-making over land use in Wales.

The party has called for root and branch reform of the planning system to strengthen local voices, but Llyr Gruffydd fears the current Government Bill creates a top-down regime that will take decisions further away from the decisions that affect them.



Council Mergers Bizarre

Phil edwards

Letter to the press from Phil Edwards

"Whichever way one looks at it, whether supporter of Conwy Council merging with Denbighshire or not, the whole process has proved to be very bizarre indeed.

Last year, following the publication of the 'Williams' report, we were left in no doubt by the Welsh government that the merger of the two authorities WOULD take place.

In an effort then to be in the driving seat of this 'inevitable' merger Councillors in Conwy  were 'encouraged' to put a business case forward. Incredibly, this was to prove to the  Welsh Government that we could do what they said was going to happen anyway.

So we set about working through the business case, putting a great deal of effort into pulling it together and submitted it within the very tight time frame that was set for us. There will have been a huge cost to this in staff time alone.

Today we learnt, quite unexpectedly  that our business case to merge the councils as the Government wanted us to, did not meet their criteria, even though it was their own criteria and even though it was recommended in the Williams report.

What was it that could have brought about this sudden and dramatic change of heart? We don't know.

So, what happens next you may ask. No one seems to know that either, least of all the Welsh Government, or if they do, they are not sharing it with us.

I have only one question left. What sort of way is this to run our nation? I do have an answer to that. Not this bizarre way!"


Local Government Settlement


18 1 2015     Speaking on the Local Government Settlement, the Party of Wales Finance spokesperson Alun Ffred Jones said: 

“The Local Government settlement proposed today represents a cut of £145 million to the Local Government budget, and stems from the austerity agenda of the Westminster-based parties. Yet it was not our public services that caused the financial crisis. We are being told that the economic recovery has now taken hold, but there is still an on-going attempt to drive down public spending. As this austerity agenda continues at both a UK and Welsh level, we will see a continued retreat of public services from our communities. Plaid Cymru opposed the Welsh Government’s budget for 2105/16 based on the reckless way the Welsh Government took its decision to blow £1 billion on the M4. Plaid Cymru is a party that values public services, and it is important that we fight to protect the libraries, leisure centres and community services that we depend on.”



Fair Council Pay



Local authorities should be the benchmark of fair and consistent pay, Plaid Cymru has said.


Speaking after a debate was held on senior officer pay, the Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said that the inconsistency within local government over pay ratios was alarming and unjust.


In an analysis of the best performing local authorities in terms of pay ratios, Plaid Cymru-led councils perform best, with Ceredigion coming first, Conwy second and Gwynedd fourth.

Leanne Wood said that while the living wage should become statutory across all sectors in the next Westminster Parliament, it was also important to exercise pay restraint at the top


Victory in Carmarthen




AGM 2014 Report

Councilllors assoc AGM

The chair warmly welcomed Elfyn Llwyd to the meeting as guest speaker. Elfyn was first elected in 1992 and will be retiring from Parliament in 2015. He was noted for securing landmark anti-stalking legislation. He is seeking tougher measures against domestic violence and hopes that “veterans’ courts will soon be in use in the UK.

He was the first MP to call for a Children’s Commissioner for Wales. Further the Plaid group was the first to pioneer the case for getting greater support for veterans of the armed forces who encounter problems when they return home.

Elfyn had pushed for tougher laws on domestic violence earlier this year and has “high hopes” that a change in the legislation is on the way.

Elfyn highlighted the dangers of the Assembly sucking powers from councils. This was a danger as many in the Assembly considered that the institution did not have enough powers. Even worse Labour did not believe in Local Government and the relationship between Labour AMs and Councillors were fraught.  

Members’ comments included:

  • It was important to note that co-operation between councils was continuing.

  • The 2016 manifesto must give the clear message that Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales fully supported a strong, well funded level of County Councils.

  • The meeting supported change but it must be on a voluntary basis.

  • There was a need for an overview of events taking place across the county

  • There is a need to engage more with the Assembly.

  • The advantage of more council focused conferences should be explored.

Finance. The2013 Financial Statement was presented by the Treasurer and reported that the funds of the Association showed a health balance. He further reported an increase in membership fees received in 2014 which would be included in the 2014 Statement.

The following officers were elected:

Chairperson:   Phil Bevan 

Sian Thomas

Sectretary:   Chris Franks

Treasurer:   John Taylor

NEC representative:   Phil Bevan

Town and Community council Representative:   Del Morgan

Editor of "Cyngor" Sian Thomas

Additional Members 

Geraint Davies

Alun Lenny

Latest Cyngor

The conference edition of the Associations newsletter "Cyngor" is available here :


Local Government Cuts : Emergency Conference Motion

 Phil Bevan  Councillor Phil Bevan

Conference passed unanimously the Associations Emergency Motion on the cuts being imposed by the Welsh government :  


"Conference notes the further reduction in WG financial support for local authorities. This is on top of the previous year’s reductions. The impact on many services that are valued by communities such as libraries, swimming pools, highway maintenance, environmental schemes and traffic management projects could be significant. However even key services such as Education and Social Services might not be immune from financial cuts. 


 Conference deplores the failure of Labour to effectively protect local services. 


Further Conference deplores the level of control that WG exercises over many Council matters with an excessive degree of interference, regulation and management. 


Conference calls on the party to campaign vigorously against these challenges to a fair and civilised society and; 


Calls on the party to seek to restore to councils significant amounts of authority and fair funding to run services for the benefit of local communities." 


Elfyn Llwyd Guest speaker at Association AGM

Elfyn llwyd

We are delighted to announce that Elfyn Llwyd MP is the guest speaker at the Councillors’ Association AGM. This will present a golden opportunity to hear about important current devolution discussions as well as the decades of battling for Wales on the banks of the Thames and elsewhere.   The Councillors Association has experienced a busy 12 months. We regularly circulate information to council groups. The Association engages with the Assembly and Westminster Groups and make representations on Council matters.
Councils are in the front line of opposition to the austerity programmes being imposed by both the UK and Welsh Government. Come and share your views. Nominations for Officers and committee are invited. The elections will be held at the meeting.


County Council Cuts 2014 -15

Apart from Wrexham, the 14 County Councils (out of 22) having the least cuts in Welsh Government funding are all Labour controlled, albeit 3 with Independent councillors.  None of the 8 councils with the highest cuts are Labour (although Conwy’s coalition has a Labour component) – these include the 2 Plaid controlled councils (1st and 6th highest cuts).

see  County_Council_Cuts_2014-15.doc

Local Government Symposium 


Participants at the successful local government symposium organised by the Association in Aberystwyth at the end of September


Education Bulletin October 2014

Simon thomas

"I have pressed the Welsh Education Minister in the Senedd chamber over his failure to protect the education and skills budget from in-year cuts............"

See  Bwletin_Addysg_Hyd_2014.pdf


Plaid Leader Cleared


Neil McEvoy

The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales has dismissed claims that Cardiff Plaid Leader Coun Neil McEvoy had made “misleading claims” to constituents about the Cardiff LDP. 

The Public Services Ombudsman, in a letter sent to Coun McEvoy, said no further action taken. 

The letter states :  “Councillor McEvoy is entitled to his views about the LDP proposals. “Councillor McEvoy was doing no more than raising awareness of the proposals as they might affect the community and ward which he was elected to represent. In other words, he was simply performing his function.” 

Coun McEvoy said: “The Ombudsman has been very clear and dismissed the council’s accusations out of hand. I will now be demanding answers about the proposal of a rapid transit corridor through Fairwater and Cowbridge Road East and a proposed rail line through existing housing in Fairwater. Our residents deserve nothing less than answers after the Ombudsman’s conclusion. The public now know who has and had not been telling the truth.”

Plaid councillors warn against proposed local government shake-up

Colin Mann

The Plaid Cymru group on Caerphilly council have declared their opposition to plans to merge the authority with neighbouring Blaenau Gwent and Torfaen councils.


Plaid Gain in Blaenau Gwent

Ivor Beynon

Aberbeeg ward on in Aberbeeg and Llanhilleth has a new Plaid councillor   Ivor Beynon  was elected unopposed on July 3rd.

Another Plaid Victory

Pontardawe Town Council has a new Councillor in Trebanws Ward.  Charlotte Ford – Plaid Cymru.  In a by-election in a strong Labour Ward, she won by 179 against 90, that’s 66% of the vote! 


Charlotte Ford with County Councillor Rebecca Lewis

Crime Prevention Scheme Scrapped

Emlyn dole


Plaid Cymru is urging the Dyfed-Powys Police Commissioner to step in stop a highly-effective crime prevention scheme from being scrapped. Over the past 15 years, the Bobby Van scheme has helped more than 30,000 householders – mostly elderly and vulnerable people – to secure their homes and make them feel safe. But now it’s due to end. In asking Police Commissioner Christopher Salmon to intervene, Cllr Emlyn Dole, leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Carmarthenshire County Council, stongly criticised the Chief Constable for scrapping such a remarkably successful scheme


Strategic Plans for Welsh Education


Simon thomas


Education Bulletin 19/06/14
  This week I quizzed the First Minister over Welsh medium education plans.
The Welsh Government’s strategic plan for Welsh-medium education sets a target of 30% of seven-year-olds being educated through the medium of Welsh by 2020. However, if you look at the strategic plans as they have been brought forward to date, it is impossible to see how they will attain that target because only five of them make any mention of new schools.
Plaid Cymru’s policy by now is that the foundation phase should be available through the medium of Welsh to every child in Wales.
The Welsh Government is abolishing the Welsh as a second language process that I benefitted from. I would like to hear more about what will replace it, and what will replace it for adults too, because the teaching of Welsh to adults is something that has been neglected in terms of public policy over recent years.
Scrutiny of the Qualifications (Wales) Bill
The Children, Young People and Education committee has provided pre-legislative scrutiny of the Qualifications (Wales) Bill. This week we have discussed the draft report.
Forward Look
Next week the Education Minister will be in post for a year and he will be taking his usual question time in the Senedd on Wednesday.
I will be meeting officials from the Welsh Government’s education department next month to discuss the white paper on additional learning needs. I would like to hear from you if you would want to raise any particularly issues.
Professor Graham Donaldson is conducting a review of the National Curriculum. You can find details here on how to respond to the review. The closing date is 30 June.


New Leader in Carmarthen


Emlyn dole   Coun Emlyn Dole

"Although we are the biggest group on the Council, it is controlled by the Independent/labour Coalition which means I take over as Leader of the Opposition ......."

Plaid councillor re-elected as champion of young people for two more years

Councillor Mike Prew

Caerffili Plaid Cymru councillor Mike Prew has been re-elected as Caerphilly’s youth champion for two more years.

In a vote among young people he defeated Labour councillor Elaine Forehead by 2,099 votes to 1,250.

See :


Spring Conference

Stondin Cynghorwyr

Sian Thomas, Chris Franks,  Phil Bevan and John Taylor  with friends at this years Spring Conference in Cardiff

Please see  for latest Cyngor_Gwannwyn_14.pdf   News on the Williams Commission, Chief executives and the activities of the Association

By Election Victory


Cemlyn Williams beat off stiff competition from  Independent and Labour candidates to win the vacant Cadnant seat on the 13th February.  Cemlyn is pictured being sworn in by town clerk Katherine Owen

Association meets with Nerys Evans 

Nerys Evans

Officers of the association met in Glynneath on  February 10th.  There was a special welcome for nerys Evans who outlined the main points of the Williams Commsission 


Another Stunning By Election Victory


Lucy Huws


By-election to Aberystwyth Town Council - The Result

Bronglais Ward
Lucy Huws (Plaid Cymru)  204 (58%)
Bryony Davies (Lib Dem)  128 (36%)
Huw Fox (Independent)  17 (4%)

Turnout 35%

The story of this election is how Plaid Cymru emerged unscathed after their main opponents poured astonishing resources into this Town Council by-election caused by the forced retirement through illness of a sitting councillor.   

During what remained a good-natured election at the personal level despite the ferocity of the leafletting, residents in many streets became used to receiving nightly repeat visits by senior Lib Dem politicians whilst the more modest Plaid campaign simply concentrated on the candidate talking to each household once.  

The result is given all the more credibility by the relatively high turnout for an election at this level where no polling cards were published by the Town Council in order to save money.  

The outcome is a tribute to the quality of Lucy Huws (below) as a candidate and to the resilience of the Plaid support in the ward.


See :



Local Government Structure

With the debate on local government  intensifying, this item may be of interest :


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