Plaid Cymru Warn against Cuts


Ian and Nick


PLAID Cymru councillors in the Vale of Glamorgan have warned that regulatory services should not be put under threat by cuts.

Plans to merge the regulatory services, including pest control and food hygiene, from three councils, Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, have been passed following a Special Council of the Vale of Glamorgan last Wednesday night. 

However Plaid Cyrmu warned that the plans included a 31 per cent cut in jobs.  In a consultant’s report in 2013, there were almost 260 jobs across the three councils but it is proposed this should be cut to below 180.

Plaid Cymru councillor Ian Johnson, who represents the centre of Barry, said: “This collaboration is necessary because of the ever-increasing cuts coming from Westminster and from the Labour government in Cardiff.

“However, Plaid Cymru councillors are worried that by cutting into the bone, we will be putting the public at risk.

“Across the three authorities, around 80 jobs will be lost – in key areas such as food hygiene inspections and pest control, as well as officers who respond to noise complaints and deal with licensing issues at pubs and clubs.

“Plaid Cymru proposed an amendment that would ensure that staff cuts would not impact upon the quality of front line services experienced by the public, but this was defeated by Labour and the Tories voting together.”

Fellow Plaid Cymru councillor Nic Hodges added: “A further concern is that decisions on the future of these services will now be made by a Joint Committee of all three councils that will be difficult to scrutinise.

“Plaid Cymru is worried that decisions will be made behind closed doors by members of the same party, without any effective opposition or need to explain.

“It is important that the Vale of Glamorgan scrutiny committees and full council will be able to question our representatives on the Joint Committee so that we know what they are doing, or what they are not doing, on our behalf.”

First published 09:04 Tuesday 18 November 2014 in News by Rebecca Lord