Welsh in Planning


Plaid Cymru Councillor, Phil Edwards, Conwy's cabinet member for Communities has today urged the Wales Government to rethink its stance on refusing to allow the Welsh Language as a consideration for Planning applications.

Presenting his report to cabinet councillors outlining the council's Supplementary Planning Guidance on the Welsh language, Councillor Edwards said " The guidance document outlining mitigation measures for additional housing developments as required by our LDP has had to be drafted along the lines of current legislation which contains a fundamental flaw. We have written previously to the Wales Government asking them to allow the Welsh language to be considered as a planning consideration, but they show little sign of agreeing to that."

Councillor Edwards explained, "As things currently stand, we could receive a planning application for a very large scale housing development and if we could demonstrate that it would cause real harm and damage, even drown out the language in a sensitive area and even if we produce strong evidence to that effect, we could not refuse it. That is a disgrace and  I again urge the Welsh Government to reconsider their position and allow local councillors to make these decisions"