Plaid Looking to the Future


Y Blaid look to the future!

A Plaid Cymru Conference ‘Building a Bright Future for Gwynedd’ will be held on Saturday 26 November at Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd to begin the process of looking at Plaid's Gwynedd priorities for the next term.  With Gwynedd Council’s Local Elections due to be held in May 2012, Plaid's Gwynedd group is currently talking with members and Councillors to discuss and set out their priorities for the forthcoming four year term. 

The main topics of discussion will include those raised by Gwynedd residents with Plaid Councillors during the past few months: housing for local people; education; assisting small businesses and boosting the economy; care of the elderly and vulnerable groups and environmental issues. 

Plaid's Gwynedd Leader, Councillor Dyfed Edwards explains: "As a party, Plaid continues to work hard on behalf of our local residents, the electors.  As we approach a new term, it is more important than ever that we listen, discuss and understand what local people see as Gwynedd's future priorities.

“Plaid is an ambitious forward thinking group and we aspire to think creatively and positively in this challenging financial period in order to build a bright and prosperous future for the people of Gwynedd.

"The current financial climate is extremely challenging - both for local government and for our communities. Plaid seeks to govern responsibly but also ambitiously in this difficult period. Stability and leadership are now required more than at any other time here in Gwynedd"

The Conference on Saturday - open to Plaid members - will be an opportunity for all to have their say, assist in creating a manifesto for Gwynedd 2012 Local Elections and contribute to building a bright future for Gwynedd.  The Plaid manifesto will be an opportunity for forthcoming democratic representatives to steer the future of Gwynedd post May 2012. 

The conference takes place at Y Pengwern, Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd and there is a warm welcome to all Plaid members.  Refreshments will be available for everyone at 9:30 with the conference beginning promptly at 10 o'clock.  There will also be an opportunity during the morning to hear about the huge success of the Pengwern community enterprise at Llan Ffestiniog.


Plaid Cymru AMs and MPs for the region will also be in attendance.