Cardiff City Soap Opera

neil McEvoy

Neil McEvoy : “The lack of experience in the Cabinet is shocking. How on earth can a councillor elected a few weeks ago be capable of heading up a Council portfolio, especially in a part-time capacity?


Plaid councillor re-elected as champion of young people for two more years

Councillor Mike Prew

Caerffili Plaid Cymru councillor Mike Prew has been re-elected as Caerphilly’s youth champion for two more years.

In a vote among young people he defeated Labour councillor Elaine Forehead by 2,099 votes to 1,250.

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Spring Conference

Stondin Cynghorwyr

Sian Thomas, Chris Franks,  Phil Bevan and John Taylor  with friends at this years Spring Conference in Cardiff

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By Election Victory


Cemlyn Williams beat off stiff competition from  Independent and Labour candidates to win the vacant Cadnant seat on the 13th February.  Cemlyn is pictured being sworn in by town clerk Katherine Owen

Association meets with Nerys Evans 

Nerys Evans

Officers of the association met in Glynneath on  February 10th.  There was a special welcome for nerys Evans who outlined the main points of the Williams Commsission 


Raising School Leaving Age to 18

 Simon thomas


A Cardiff conference of educationalists and policy professionals from across Wales heard Plaid Cymru’s vision for 14 to 19 education after the 2016 Welsh General Election.

I gave a key note speech on options for the future of 14 – 19 education in Wales to the Policy Forum for Wales in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff.

"In opposition we secured a deal with the Welsh Government to create over  5,000 apprenticeships, however the Party of Wales is far more ambitious that the current government. In government after 2016 we want to see far more shared apprenticeships when one apprentice is shared by different businesses to help firms with the costs involved.

"I’m working with a Lampeter based expert Andy Bevan on creating a real Citizen Service for Wales. I want to turn his idea into reality in Government. He proposes a 9 -12 month accredited programme open to 18 – 25 year olds working at or above national minimum wage in the public, private or third sectors. This would be on top of existing provision not instead of.

"We need to ensure that young people leave school or college with the skills and experience they need to gain and retain employment.

"Offering young people more alternatives to formal academic education, we would raise the school leaving age to 18. This means finding place for an additional 12 per cent of young people. We would guarantee young people education or training rather than see them thrown on the scrap heap.

"Plaid Cymru has supported the recommendations in the Huw Evans’ review of qualifications. We are pleased that by next year we will see Qualifications Wales an independent exam regulator outside of the arms of the Welsh Government, something we have long called for. This will put behind us the debacles over re-grading exams in 2012 and the confusion over this January’s GCSE English Language results."

GCSE debate

I supported a motion and spoke in a debate in the Senedd about concern that some students taking English GCSE modules in January 2014 were awarded unexpectedly low grades. I’ve welcomed the rapid review from the Welsh Government.

Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) Bill

My colleague Bethan Jenkins AM has launched a consultation on the Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) Bill.

The consultation, which runs until April 28, can be viewed

here, from lunchtime, Monday, March 17. A copy of the draft Bill will also be posted here in due course;

People can also respond through Survey Monkey


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Plaid Councillors on the Attack



Another Stunning By Election Victory


Lucy Huws


By-election to Aberystwyth Town Council - The Result

Bronglais Ward
Lucy Huws (Plaid Cymru)  204 (58%)
Bryony Davies (Lib Dem)  128 (36%)
Huw Fox (Independent)  17 (4%)

Turnout 35%

The story of this election is how Plaid Cymru emerged unscathed after their main opponents poured astonishing resources into this Town Council by-election caused by the forced retirement through illness of a sitting councillor.   

During what remained a good-natured election at the personal level despite the ferocity of the leafletting, residents in many streets became used to receiving nightly repeat visits by senior Lib Dem politicians whilst the more modest Plaid campaign simply concentrated on the candidate talking to each household once.  

The result is given all the more credibility by the relatively high turnout for an election at this level where no polling cards were published by the Town Council in order to save money.  

The outcome is a tribute to the quality of Lucy Huws (below) as a candidate and to the resilience of the Plaid support in the ward.



Its time we had a council that paid more attention to residents’ views

Letter from Elizabeth Gould, Riverside, Cardiff to the Eho 1 November

"I AM writing to you to express my disappointment at how Labour has run Cardiff council since winning the election in May 2012.,,,,,,,,


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Budget Deal on Pupil Deprivation Grant

The Councillors Association has welcomed the increase in funding for schools achieved by Plaid AMs in negotiations with Welsh Government.   One of the key parts of the budget deal that Plaid secured with the Lib Dems and Welsh Government is increased funding for the Pupil Deprivation Grant. 

The level of funding has more than doubled through this deal. 

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Plaid Cymru Response To The Government Proposals to reform A Levels



5 November

In response to the news that the Welsh Government is seeking to reform A Levels, the Party of Wales Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas said: 

“Any action to strengthen qualifications in Wales is to be welcomed, and that’s why Plaid Cymru campaigned for the establishment of an independent qualifications board for Wales so that we can end the marketisation of education here.

“We also supported the review of qualifications so that we have a curriculum that is fit for the 21st century and fit for a devolved Wales. This extends to A Levels, and we welcome the Minister’s announcement today that he will work to reform them. There is always work to be done to improve attainment, but as he goes about this I hope the Minister will aim to keep what is good about these qualifications such as coursework and modular working, and that any changes will be based on extensive consultation and discussion with representatives from the sector.” 



Councillors Association AGM 2013 Aberystwyth

 Cynhadledd 2013

Dafydd Wigley helped make the The Councillors Association AGM at Aberystwyth Conference a particularly well attended affair.  Speaking on the relevance of the House of Lords to Local Government, he outlined his roll as scrutineer of government  measures, particularly how they relate to Wales. 

Pictured above : Huw Jackson, web manager, Chris Franks, Secretary, Phil Bevan, Chair , Dafydd Wigley. John Taylor, Treasurer and Sian Thomas , Editor of Cyngor 


In The "Cyngor," the Society`s Newsletter:

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"The awfulness of Labour is seen most starkly at Council level..........."

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Plaid commits to a “no Bedroom Tax evictions” policy in Wales

Jocelyn davies

 The Party of Wales Shadow Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies today vowed that Plaid Cymru’s ‘no eviction’ policy would mean no-one in Wales is made homeless as a result of the bedroom tax.

She outlined how a no eviction policy will save the Welsh taxpayer money whilst protecting vulnerable families.



Plaid Councillors Association Report to National Council 

"Councils are under huge attacks from both the UK and Welsh Governments. All too often the media and indeed unfortunately even Plaid tends to go along with this agenda. With reduced resources and greater responsibilities Councillors are facing criticism from every angle. Yet at the same time National and UK government are guilty of massive failure and duplicity. Take for example the threat the many of our hospitals. We have a Labour WG forcing through health cuts yet Labour AMs deny any responsibility. Labour reduce the capital allocations for school investment yet councils are judged to the failing. We would urge our AMs and MPs to take a more robust line and defend democratically elected councils."

See full report : report_to_national_council_june_2013_Eng.pdf


Local Government Structure

With the debate on local government  intensifying, this item may be of interest :


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